security risk management

Security Risk Management

Businesses rely on resources, such as people, information and assets to make and implement decisions. Using a security-in-depth procedure, Risk Africa ® will find a sensible method geared towards management of security risks.

This exercise establishes a series of barriers that prevent or restrict unauthorized access or harm to resources. It also puts in place mechanisms to detect and respond to security breaches within an acceptable timeframe.

The level of security deemed appropriate varies from one organization to another but the process should be transparent and justifiable. Risk avoidance is not risk management.

Risk Africa® will guide your organization to apply business impact levels when determining the consequences of compromise or loss of business information or assets, or harm to employees.

  • Agency physical security policy and planning
  • Protection of employees
  • Physical security
  • Work health and safety
  • Duty of care – third parties
  • Physical security of information and ICT equipment
  • Physical security in emergency and increased threat situations

This will involve finding the most appropriate and cost-effective way of minimizing risk through a combination of procedural, personnel and physical measures.