Software Modules

Risk Management Module

The Risk Management module consists of the following:

Risk Assessment: Enables you to identify, analyze, measure and treat risks for Project, Department, Activity, Function etc. 

Key Risk Indicators: KRIs on identified risks can be scaled based on the organizations risk appetite, assigned to person responsible for recording and workflowed with escalation rules based on the outcome.

Compliance Management: Enables risk owners to identify key controls, develop attestation questions, assign them to person responsible of carrying out the control to attest. It also enables the organization to monitor compliance with regulatory requirements.

Incident Management: All risk incidents can be recorded and analysed to develop actions to improve the control environment. Risk incident registers can be custom-made to capture relevant information such as complaints, regulatory breaches, operational incidents etc.

Action Tracking: The module allows automated monitoring of risk treatment actions and enables the Organisation to link day-to-day Management practices with Risk Management by automating monitoring of all Actions/Decisions arising from meetings and linking them with related risk profile.